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Hey. Thanks for this post.

As additional info from core view. The core dropped includeLibs as part of the ‚best practice‘ movement: fileadmin/ should not contain code. This directory is for editors. Any code should reside in extensions. That is true for typoscript, PHP, css, html – everything that is needed to render the technical part of a website, except the content itself.

Thus, it is good practice to have a project specific extension that holds all those: hooks, userFuncs, typoscript, css and so on.

With that, includeLibs became obsolete since the core class loading mechanism will find classes located in extensions.

Remember that fileadmin/ could be very well configured as FAL driver pointing to some document management system and then does not exist on the rendering php server at all. This is only one example where mixing editing data with code collides.

Thus: Go for project extensions, have fileadmin/ for editors 🙂

lolli am 19. Mai 2017 um 13:25

Thx lolli for your comment. I think you’re absolutely right.
In addition you missed another important point: What about security? In a clean system I want to prevent php-files from executing on my server in fileadmin/*

Nevertheless this was a hint for the frustrated TYPO3-Admins to get that old script working again.

Alex Kellner am 19. Mai 2017 um 13:41

I agree with everything above and in recent comments, except one thing.
I believe the administrator / dev / site creator is the one to decide whether use or not some functions or where he wants to store the code. There are some situations sometimes which nobody can predict and such function removing only causes a frustration and limits you with some handy solutions. It really doesn’t even stop anybody from using it, because one can use above method or include it in AdditionalConfiguration.php or something else. But he can’t use TS conditions.

wolo wolski am 20. Mai 2017 um 01:29


danke für diesen POST bzw. für mich waren alle deine POSTS zu TYPO3 bisher immer Informativ weiter so. Twitter nutze ich nicht daher auch keine Blöden Kommentare von mir oder für mich 😉

Wenn mich zur Zeit was Aufregt ist es wieder mal die Doku. es macht keinen Spass sich immer durch den Core zu wühlen nur um rauszufinden ob TYPO3 das unterstützt was ich benötige letztens erst wieder bei f:uri.image der ViewHelper hat viel mehr Parameter als in der Doku angegeben zum Glück.

Gruß Michael

Michael Haschke am 22. Mai 2017 um 10:40
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